pictureThe main tasks of an ALT differ from school to school, but generally speaking, the ALT is there to give assistance to the Japanese teacher in the daily running of the class.

In a Junior High School setting, the ALT will usually be entrusted with providing a 'Native' voice to dialogues and text, as well as creating interesting activities and/or worksheets relating to the current subject. The emphasis in a Junior High School classroom is split between Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

In an Elementary school setting, the ALT will usually take a more active role in the classroom, ranging from complete lesson design to a more passive, assistant to the Home Room Teacher. The emphasis in Elemenatary school is on Speaking and Listening only.

ALTs are also charged with not only providing English education, but are seen in a larger perspective as a role model for the school community. ALTs attend and usually participate in school festivals, sports carnivals and ceremonies. Along with these extra-curricular activites ALTs also 'pitch in' and help with the day-to-day tasks of school life, for example the daily cleaning regime, where all of the staff as well as the students clean the school from top to bottom.