Welcome from the Heart Staff!

Head Office (Mito)



Mr. Wakabayashi

Welcome to Heart! We work hard to spread enthusiasm for English and cross-cultural learning. We hope you will join us and help promote real English communication.

ALT Coordinators

ALT Coordinators

Genta Yoshii

I am in charge of Gunma prefecture, some parts of Saitama and Tochigi prefecture. Most of the places are in the countryside where you can see pristine and picturesque nature. People in these areas are also kind and mild-mannered. Japanese kids are very vivid and lovely. It’s easy for ALTs to get closer with those who live there. Lovely days will wait for you.

Takao Kumihashi

Motto (Beatles: She’s Leaving Home): Fun is the one thing that money can’t buy. Hello, I am in charge of Ibaraki Prefecture’s ALTs. I try to be a Coordinator who takes care of every ALT I’m in charge of because I believe that’s the best way to build relations with them.

Mai Matsuo

I’m a Coordinator for Ibaraki and Saitama. I try my best to reply to your email as soon as possible. I’ve had experiences where I had ALTs who didn’t get good evaluations, but after re-training them many teachers gave me great comments, which made me glad. Also, I think school visits are very important because we can share advice, and I also learn more about ALT work. I’m looking forward to visiting you at school.

Chihiro Ishitsuka

Motto: If you’re going to challenge something, do it with passion and enjoy! As a Coordinator for Omitama and Naka City in Ibaraki, I not only take care of ALTs' daily concerns and school lives but also take part in the training and supervision of ALTs. Using communication as a tool to build trust, I hope to be a Coordinator who’s always there for her ALTs.

Ayumi Kanazawa

I would like you to try and find fun things in your life in Japan and have many new experiences. Hope you will enjoy working in Japanese schools.

Human Resources

Recruiting Staff

Yasuhiko Suzuki

I belong to the human resources section, and am also in charge of Tomisato city, Chiba. Please share your language ability and communication skill with Japanese youngsters. Teaching is not easy but very rewarding. We will help you as much as we can, so please show your passion on working in Japan as ALT.

Diana Shen

Motto: Always have a positive attitude.
I’m a Recruiter and I try my best to answer all your questions. Originally from California, USA this year will be my 6th year in Japan. Also, I’ve been an ALT, student, as well as office worker here so please let me know if you want to know anything about life in Japan! Good luck and have fun at school!

Masako Sato

Hi, I’m a Coordinator for Katori City in Chiba and also a Recruiter. I lived in Chicago, Illinois in America for a decade so I can understand what it’s like to live and work abroad. Also, I try my best to introduce the good things about Japan to new ALTs. Please ask me anything about Japan.

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