Privacy Policy

Heart Corporation (referred to below as “our company”) understands the importance of preserving personal information, and will follow these standards as its policy regarding personal information. Also, considering international trends in establishing such rules, we will implement this policy under the Personal Information Protection Law of 2003.


Our company collects information under the terms of the Personal Information Protection Law (2003) in the range of specific individual identity information such as user IDs and passwords, e-mail addresses, names, and birthdates, in physical and electronic forms, and on the web.

【Purpose of Use】

  1. We will utilize any information collected from customers for the following purposes:
    1. To better perform based on the customers’ requests
    2. To communicate with customers
    3. To better explain the services our company can perform
    4. To improve our company’s marketing, efficiency, and to focus our purpose
  2. We will seek the permission from the user before utilizing personal information for any other purposes. We will not utilize it for any other purposes without this permission.

【Management and Responsibility】

We will entrust personal information to people responsible for managing it so that it will be properly used for appropriate purposes.

【Collection of Information】

We will request and use only the minimum amount of information required for proper discussion and for providing information for our customers, within the range of the purposes explained.

【Non-Disclosure of Personal Information】

We will not share the personal information of anyone with a third party without the prior knowledge and consent of that person.

【Management of Personal Information】

Safety measures will be implemented to protect private information from unauthorized access, deletion, corruption, and alteration.

Also, we will observe the other standards outlined in the Personal Information Protection Law of 2003, and will base all policies based on these regulations moving forward.

【Personal Information Correction and Deletion】

With the end user’s request to edit, delete, or make private any personal information of that user, we will comply as quickly as possible.

【Regulations related to creation, maintenance, and improvement of collected personal information】

Our company, in fulfilling its services, will operate internal policies following the Personal Information Protection Law of 2003, and our company’s employees and related people will continue following these policies regarding any use or spreading of information.


There will be changes as needed. We will make awareness of any changes through regular updates.

Heart Corporation